What our clients are saying

Tammy “cared” about us!!

How are you?? Two months after the wedding and I’m finally getting the time to start on my thank you’s to everyone! There are three words to describe Tammy: “Above and beyond”-exactly what you do for weddings. I have to say first that you were the easiest person to work with out of all the “vendors” we hired. You were definitely the most energetic and friendliest, actually one of the friendliest people I have ever met. I was always stressed out when I called you, but you always raised my spirit with your energy. Your versatile personality helped you get along with all of the different people you needed to be in contact with for our wedding…strict Church personnel, crazy Bride, etc., but you did what you needed to do regardless-and more. The whole day and night was a whirlwind, but I distinctly remember you always near, not too close, but close enough to know when something was needed and to notice anything that you could prevent, before it actually became a problem. You were always there to ask me if everything was Ok and if I needed anything, and always at the right times, which helped me avoid needing my family for help, when instead they were able to enjoy the day, work-free. Not just the day of the wedding, which was all I had hired you for, but the two extra days you met me at the Church & Club, showed much initiative on your part and especially, that you cared about how our wedding day would turn out. Offering to meet me at both places just to get a feel for the environments and more importantly, to meet with the necessary parties for wedding details showed me you are very serious about your profession & that made me very comfortable before my wedding day. You served many roles for our wedding: bride room bouncer, vendor liaison, knowledgeable wedding advisor, and friend-for that I sincerely thank you. Good luck with all of your future weddings! I’m sure they’ll be fine as long as the Bride has you. I tell everyone now-wedding coordinators are a must, if you want a wedding as good as mine. Thank you so much!

Mrs. Lauren L.

She was very organized!

I don’t know what I would’ve done without Miss Tammy- we hired her closer to the end of the planning and really close to the wedding- just to coordinate the day and the rehearsal- wish I would’ve had her help the whole time- she was very organized and strict during our rehearsal and we needed that! she definitely rallied the troops and got the rehearsal done right on time- she Respected our church and wore the veil that our Catholic church request of everyone even though she didn’t go to that church on the day of, she made sure everything was set up and on time- I didn’t have to worry about anything with the decorations or getting everyone together and where they needed to be she handled that! there was an issue with the Limo, where they booked us for the wrong date & she made sure to get the limo driver out of her bed and rushed to pick us up on time- I didn’t notice anything was wrong with the limo- has Tammy not been there we may not have had a ride to the wedding! Tammy got us the extra suite at Holiday Inn & she helped me change when I had to switch dresses- I could go on and on…she was Super Cool & stayed til the end, she was just plain Great- and I would Highly recommend Tammy-Thank You Tammy!

Jessica S.

Tammy is on the ball!

This lady is so understanding, caring and most of all ON THE BALL… She has the best communication skills I’ve ever seen. I had to change my wedding date due to my fiance going off to Iraq and jumped in and picked up all of the pieces.. literally I fell to pieces along w/his family and my mom just lost it when she found out he was going off to war and the date got moved up months earlier… If you want a trustworthy woman that will do EVERYTHING you need and then some then Tammy is the best wedding planner for you… whether you need a full service wedding planner or Day of Coordination she can do it all and lf you have any questions or doubts let me know and I will fill you in….


Vast amount of Details..

We were fortunate enough to find and do business with Tammy for our August wedding. Tammy ensured that every detail was in place and brought a wealth of experience and knowledge. Despite desiring to take care of every last detail of my wedding myself, we still opted to bring Tammy on to help ensure things were carried out as planned. Little did I know the vast amount of details that I had never thought about or known about. If it weren’t for Tammy’s services, there would have been various hiccups during the service and reception. In addition to Tammy’s professionalism, Tammy brings such a pleasant and joyous demeanor that matches the occasion of an upcoming celebration of marriage. Our only regret was not hiring Tammy sooner in our destination wedding planning journey.


She is an extraordinary woman!

Tammy was a blessing. We loved how she kept communication between us. She went the extra mile to make everything possible. She is an extraordinary woman who loves what she does. I cannot say enough great reviews about her. She kept everything in line and was able to find inexpensive vendors to accommodate our budget. She is very vibrant and her spirit is beautiful. My family had a blast with her being our wedding planner. The best advice I can give anyone searching for a down-to-earth, timely, efficient, personal and beautiful wedding planner, Tammy is the woman to go to. She will brighten your day and take away the stress & is a great destination wedding planner.


Tammy is the real deal..

I did Tammy’s day of package and it was perfect. Tammy is the real deal and she will get the job done. She was there every step of the way and was worth every penny! I am a very do-it-yourself bride, but you NEED a coordinator day of (at the very least). She is wonderful and does a great job.


She helped us save money..

Tammy went above & beyond for our wedding! I didn’t have any family members living in the area & all of our bridal party lived out of town as well, Tammy filled in for my mom & bridesmaids for several appointments. Tammy helped us save money on our invitations! Tammy is very professional & caring for all of her brides. I would recommend Tammy & her services to everyone.

Ariana & Michael D.

She took care of Everything!

I LOVE this woman! I don’t know what I would have done without her. She was a great destination wedding planner who took care of anything and everything that I needed her to and made my wedding day as stress free as possible.

Sandi W.

I know exactly who I will recommend…

Tammy did my wedding in 2015 and went above and beyond expectations! So much so that when my eldest got married I gave her a call to do that ceremony as well! Now my middle child is thinking about a wedding and I know exactly who I will recommend to the bride! Tammy knows what she is doing, is patient, friendly and just a great person to work with! 10/10 HIGHLY recommend!

Shannon & Aaron H.